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Metal-Free Restorations - Manchester, NH

Tooth-Colored Solutions for Damaged Teeth

A dentist placing an inlay into a dental model.

Our dentists care deeply about not only providing dental services in a safe environment, but using safe materials as well. When you need to repair a damaged tooth, it makes no sense to sacrifice your appearance along the way. That’s why our office makes use of Emax and Zirconia ceramics and SonicFill composite resin. Whether you need a filling, crown, onlay, inlay, or combination of these restorations, Dr. Fromuth will make sure your next treatment is highly personalized and tailored to your needs. Call our office today to start planning your next restorative/cosmetic treatment!

What are Metal-Free Restorations?

A married couple smiling.

Traditionally, dental restorations would be made from metal materials in order to ensure longevity. However, many patients would prefer to avoid the use of metal materials being used in their dental fillings, crowns, and other restorations. These materials would typically include amalgam mercury, nickel, copper, silver, gold, and other metals. At Fromuth and Langlois Dental, we’re happy to opt for metal-free materials that utilize composite resin and ceramic, which can be easily customized to fit over your tooth, maintain long-term protection, and look incredibly natural in your smile!

Benefits of Metal-Free Restorations

Before and after metal-free restorations in Manchester are placed.

Many people opt for metal-free restorations because they don’t want to deal with the risks of having metal materials in their mouth for long periods of time. However, in the case of those looking for cosmetic treatment, metal-free options ensure their smile continues to look natural after the restoration is placed. While these are the most common reasons people opt for metal-free materials, there are other benefits to consider as well. For example, metal-free restorations do not react to hot and cold temperatures like metal ones do. Not only can metal materials cause sensitivity, but they can expand and contract, resulting in future fracture of the tooth structure, especially over long periods of time.

Types of Metal-Free Restorations

A porcelain dental crown.

Our metal-free materials can be utilized in a multitude of ways, making them extremely versatile for addressing restorative and cosmetic concerns.


Using ceramic Emax and Zirconia, your next dental crown can be designed to blend in perfectly with your existing teeth and cover chips, cracks, and permanent stains with relative ease. Each crown is customized to meet your specific needs, so you can smile and chew food with confidence and without discomfort.


Cavities no longer have to be associated with dark, silver-colored fillings. Not only can we apply SonicFill composite resin into your cavities, but we can mold and shape it more effectively thanks to its pliability. This dramatically reduces the amount of enamel that would typically need to be removed.


Just because you’re replacing a missing tooth doesn’t mean it should stick out like a sore thumb. Porcelain bridges ensure the gap in your smile is not only filled, but blends in with your neighboring teeth via custom-shaded ceramics.

Inlays & Onlays

When a tooth is too damaged for a dental filling but not damaged enough to justify placement of a crown, we use inlays and onlays. Inlays fit inside of the tooth, similar to dental fillings, while onlays replace a top portion of the tooth, yet less so compared to a full-blown crown.

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